Australia Assists launches Phase 2, further advancing Australia’s global humanitarian efforts

Australia Assists launches Phase 2

Australia Assists, an Australian Government program, is set to embark on its second phase, deploying skilled humanitarian specialists to support multilateral agencies, governments, civil society, and communities in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters and conflict. 

Phase 2 (2024-2029) builds on the success of the initial seven-year phase, further advancing Australia’s global humanitarian efforts through strategic deployments of humanitarian specialists. Deployments will support Australia’s multilateral, bilateral, and civil society partners, aligning with Australia’s humanitarian, development, and foreign policy priorities. 

A woman stands smiling against a backdrop of a grey sky, trees and buildings with red and orange roofing

Australia Assists deployee, Maureen Bolawaqatabu, Disaster Management Officer at NEMO in Tonga. Credit: Josua Ake and The Greenhouse Studio.

The program, managed by Tetra Tech International Development on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), will mobilise humanitarian specialists from the Australia Assists roster to work with partners across the Indo-Pacific region and globally, before, during, and after humanitarian crises. The program will take a strengths-based approach, recognising and reinforcing local leadership, building on existing capabilities, and promoting equity and inclusion. This ensures that outcomes are impactful and sustainable. 

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Australia Assists in action: Taala Tiaeki-Tebwaara, Emergency Response Officer; Sally Rimon, Disaster Risk Reduction Officer; Takena Redfern, Head of Disaster Risk Management Unit – National Disaster Risk Management Officer; and Maureen.

As Australia Assists moves into this new phase, its commitment to strengthening disaster resilience and humanitarian response capacity worldwide remains steadfast. By leveraging Australian expertise and fostering collaborative partnerships, the program aims to make a significant and lasting impact in addressing global humanitarian challenges, contributing to a safer and more equitable world for all. 

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Managing Director, Tetra Tech International Development Indo-Pacific

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