Building resilient communities and providing aid during crisis

International Women In Engineering Day 2024

International Women in Engineering Day takes place on June 23 each year, celebrating the incredible contributions of women in the engineering field and inspiring the next generation to follow in their footsteps.  

The 2024 theme is #EnhancedByEngineering, highlighting how engineering innovations have transformed our lives for the better. From groundbreaking research to sustainable solutions, women engineers are driving positive change and creating a brighter future. 

At Tetra Tech International Development Indo-Pacific, we recognise the vital role that women engineers play in shaping resilient communities and creating sustainable solutions. Through our commitment to integrating gender diversity and inclusion into all our work, we are dedicated to supporting and empowering women in engineering, and ensure they have opportunities to innovate and lead. 

For International Women in Engineering day, we spoke with Britt Hendriks, an engineer with the Pacific Humanitarian Warehousing Program (PHWP) Infrastructure Specialist Unit (ISU), managed by Tetra Tech on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Kiribati Humanitarian Warehouse site visit with Janet Williams (Assistant Director) from DFAT’s Humanitarian Response Operations.

When asked about what influenced her career choices, Britt shared: 

“Growing up in diverse cultural settings has deeply influenced my worldview. It taught me to appreciate the complexities of communication across different cultures. This experience has shown me that the most stimulating and intricate design and problem-solving occur at the intersections of various disciplines.”  

Through her work, Britt is supporting the development of fit-for-purpose and sustainable humanitarian warehousing facilities across the Pacific region, enabling vital supplies to be stored and distributed effectively during emergencies. Britt shared some of the most rewarding aspects of her career:

“I am particularly passionate about embracing this complexity while navigating the ethical challenges of humanitarianism. The cultural context brings dynamism to design, and the people we work with give it purpose.”

Alongside this, Britt also volunteers with the NSW State Emergency Service, a volunteer-based emergency and rescue service dedicated to assisting the community. Although she says this is not directly related to engineering, it’s something her engineering skillset is beneficial for. Britt shared an image from the Gunnedah Flood Response, where she completed rescues, evacuations, supply and medical runs and general welfare checks as an SES Flood Rescue Technician.

Britt during the Gunnedah Flood Response as an SES Flood Rescue Technician.

Britt’s work with Tetra Tech and the SES are both examples of how she utilises her skills and knowledge to support resilient communities and to ensure swift aid can be provided during crises. 

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