Meet Lauryn Farmer: pursuing international development to help ease some of the aches imposed on marginalised communities

Tell us a little about yourself and your career to date.

My name is Lauryn Farmer (she/her), born in Meeanjin (Brisbane) and raised all over Australia (and the world). I’m 21 years old and relocated from Barngala-Nao land (Port Lincoln) to study my Bachelor of International Development on Kaurna land (Adelaide). I tutor for Uni students in North Adelaide and am very passionate about mental health, allyship, advocacy and climate sustainability.

My passion for studying International Development stems from a desire to help ease some of the aches imposed on marginalised communities.

After recently completing an internship with Tetra Tech International Development, it was crystal clear from the get-go that this office was an inclusive space. I gained a deeper understanding of the complexity of the international development sector, and all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Regarding my project specifically, I was privileged to work with Keith and Elin on a localisation project, which I am very passionate about. This was brilliant since the project fit my interests so well and the team was incredible.

I was hired as a Graduate, Project Management and am currently in the last few months of finishing my Bachelor of International Development at the University of Adelaide. I also working to secure my certificate in Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) at TAFE SA.

In your new role, how are you hoping to create a positive impact?

I’m initially working with the Human Resources Team where I look forward to supporting our wonderful employees and contractors. By supporting them, I am supporting the work they are doing for our projects – which are making positive impacts all over the world.

Why did you choose to work with Tetra Tech?

Many of Tetra Tech’s core values align with my own personal ideals. I respect the organisation’s transparency, and its proactive efforts to localise projects in a manner that includes and empowers local communities in the development narrative. I believe that Tetra Tech supports my own development and growth, both professionally and personally.


Graduate, Project Management

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