Climate justice

Developing countries are especially impacted by climate change, with the increase in extreme weather events becoming more frequent and natural resources scarce, these countries need our support.

In addition to impacting on food security and living spaces, the effects of climate change could exacerbate political instability, conflict and migration. Addressing climate change requires strong political will, innovative ideas and a broad range of expertise.

With the challenges of sustainable development come opportunities to build resiliency. Tetra Tech International Development applies technical expertise, scientific evidence and innovative technologies to build our region’s economic prosperity, empower communities, and develop resilient physical and institutional infrastructure.

In Kiribati, we are supporting the development of climate-ready school infrastructure, and in Fiji assisting civil society organisations in disaster preparedness and management. We evaluate government initiatives aimed at combating climate change and provide recommendations on climate change-related programming. We’ve also assisted the International Climate Fund to integrate gender into its investments and strategies.

Tetra Tech has been at the leading edge of climate change analysis for more than 30 years, implementing more than 20 large-scale international climate change focused projects and integrating climate change resiliency and low emission development across all its development work, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Food security
  • Economic growth
  • Infrastructure
  • Rule of law
  • Governance
  • Energy.

Tetra Tech has extensive experience helping both rural and urban areas prepare for, withstand, respond and adapt to climate change. Read more about Tetra Tech’s climate change work around the globe.


Director, Asia Region and
Climate and Environmental Justice Practice Lead

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