Governance and anti-corruption

Improving governance and anti corruption initiatives in emerging economies and post-conflict countries, is essential to supporting sustainable development. And effective public service delivery, transparency and accountability are all features of good governance.

Working with governments, civil society and other partners, Tetra Tech International Development helps to make governments more accountable and responsive to the needs of their people through Tetra Tech’s governance and anti corruption services.

Supporting efficient public service delivery and the transparent use of public funds, we analyse public financial management systems and recommend how they could be improved, working with all levels of government to improve funds management and accountability.

Strengthening oversight agencies to improve outcomes, we support civil society organisations to increase the role they play in the budget process.

By helping improve systems, skills, organisational structures and incentives, we help governments improve management, public administration and the performance of ministries.

To achieve long-term success, it’s necessary to build local capacity. Our experts train civil service staff in budgeting, procurement, IT, leadership, management and strategic planning.

We also:

  • Work with civil society and the media to help them engage in dialogue on governance issues and advocate for change
  • Undertake extensive analyses on governance and corruption to inform donor programming and policies
  • Design and implement complex anti-corruption programs, including those that strengthen independent anti-corruption bodies and help citizens fight corruption
  • Evaluate the impact of governance and anti-corruption programs.

Learn more about Tetra Tech’s US market work here and UK market work here.


Country Manager, PNG

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