Tetra Tech International Development announces the appointment of Navanita Bhattacharya as Director, Inclusion, Justice and Transformation

Tetra Tech International Development is pleased to announce the appointment of Navanita Bhattacharya to the position of Director, Inclusion, Justice and Transformation. Prior to this appointment, Navanita spent 12 months with Tetra Tech as associate director within the inclusion team.  This is an important position for Tetra Tech and we are excited to have Navanita leading this body of work with our dedicated team.

Navanita brings to this role a rich set of skills and experience which she has acquired over a lifetime, and a career spanning 24 years. She is a passionate activist, strategist and humanitarian who has worked with people affected by conflict, earthquakes, and tsunami throughout Asia and West Africa. Navanita is particularly driven to improve the lives of women, children and marginalised people across the globe, and marches toward this purpose by challenging entrenched power structures.

The energy that Navanita brings to her work is infectious; she is bold and courageous, and her leadership will strengthen our work in creating more diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive workplaces across all teams at home, and in the Indo-Pacific.

In her vision for the inclusion practice, Navanita is passionate about co-creating solutions that are relevant to the people they are meant for.

“Our work includes strengthening peoples’ capabilities in collecting, analysing, and using data that close the gaps for those who continue to be purposefully marginalised and excluded. Our work is both in the internal and external domains. Internally we work with operations in reviewing, creating, and monitoring policies and processes that are equitable, accessible, and inclusive. Externally we co-design, assist in delivering, monitoring, and evaluating all our work from an equity, access, and inclusion lens”, she said.

As we grow our business, we want to inspire strong and informed leaders, “breakthrough leaders”, who will navigate and guide the change required for us to become the premier development consulting firm. We are excited to see Navanita take on this role and continue to shape and provide a positive impact in all that we do.

Managing Director, Indo-Pacific

Navanita Bhattacharya

Director, Inclusion, Justice and Transformation

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