Tetra Tech_Pacific Regional Big Meet

Engaging Local Fijian Suppliers at the Pacific Regional Big Meet


Neil Trivett and his Pacific team in Suva, Fiji are on a mission. Their aims are twofold: continue to increase the number of local and regional companies working with large managing contractors like Tetra Tech on the Australian Development Program; and substantially grow the number of Fijian and Pacific Islander citizens placed in long-term, meaningful, skilled employment.

To aid their mission the team participated in the Pacific Regional Big Meet held in Suva this month, where they presented two case studies to well over 100 Fijian and Pacific business representatives. Ruci Tabua presented the first case study which demonstrated how upskilling people and community groups and improving governance can help local suppliers win more work across the range of programs managed by Tetra Tech. The second, by Atelaite Cama, showed how local companies are using this upskilling as a way to offer value-add services on their bids to make them more competitive.

DFAT’s Pacific Regional Big Meet was an important opportunity for Tetra Tech to connect with local suppliers from across the Pacific with Nicholas Manuel and Asjika Amin from our Regional Hub in Suva receiving well over 50 direct contacts.  About half, which is over $150m in bilateral support provided by the Australia Government to the Government and people of Fiji is managed under the Fiji Program Support Facility. Health, education, governance, cyclone recovery, Australia Awards, and disaster response and resilience form the bulk of programs supported through the Facility.

This month, Tetra Tech established a permanent, in-country presence in Fiji making it easier and faster for companies and individuals to access opportunities. And for the Pacific team to achieve their mission.

Ruci Tabua (Procurement and Operations Coordinator) Ashika Amin (Senior Program Manager) Neil Trivett (Regional Director – Pacific) Nicholas Manuel (Logistics and Administration Coordinator)
Ashika Amin and Neil Trivett discuss opportunities with colleagues from Save the Children Fiji and the Pacific.
Ruci Tabua Atelaite Cama (Community Engagement Officer, Pacific Building Solutions)

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