Responsible business practices

Tetra Tech International Development is committed to maintaining business practices that honour and protect the dignity and integrity of everyone with whom the company conducts business, employs and serves.

As a leading international development managing contractor, Tetra Tech fully supports continued progression and improvement within the development community in order to make development initiatives more effective.

We are committed to taking action within existing and future development activities to foster the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals and to embed the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action into our systems and procedures. We are also committed to addressing the various cross-cutting themes relevant to the development context to ensure that all people can access and enjoy the benefits of our activities.

Our commitments not only relate to Tetra Tech International Development’s standards for aid delivery, but our expectations and aspirations for our entire organisation.

Tetra Tech International Development has a commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace.

Our Indigenous participation plan seeks to deliver meaningful cultural recognition, employment, education and training opportunities for Indigenous people. We aim to engage with Indigenous communities, build awareness and understanding within our workforce on Indigenous culture, heritage and issues in the regions that we work and provide sustainable career and business opportunities for Indigenous people.

Tetra Tech International Development undertakes its business activities in accordance with the following principles:

  • recognition of and respect for indigenous people
  • recognition of and respect for indigenous identity and culture
  • recognition and protection of indigenous Knowledge and intellectual property

In 2018, we developed our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan as a road map to guide us through our responsibility to help close the gap of disadvantage between many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities and other Australians.

Through our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (April 2021–March 2023) we confirm our commitment to reconciliation through collaboration, mutual respect and a responsibility to take action.

Download our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

We believe that all large international institutions are likely to be affected by modern slavery issues. Only by engaging in honest, supportive and collaborative dialogue within and across industry sectors about these problems will we begin to fully understand the challenges we all face and be able to design sustainable solutions.

In response to the UK government’s adoption of the Modern Slavery Act (2015) and in anticipation of other countries, including Australia, adopting similar legislation, we have developed a statement outlining our commitment and actions towards ensuring the principles of the Modern Slavery Act are woven into our supply chains and business practices.

Tetra Tech International Development is committed to proactively protecting children from abuse and have always maintained a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of child exploitation and abuse. Each and every one of our staff, particularly those working in the region, undergo comprehensive criminal record checks. Our Child Protection policy raises awareness but also provides a framework and tools that aims to create a culture where all our operations, activities and planning considers the risks to children both at home and in developing countries.

Tetra Tech will never knowingly permit a person to work with children if they pose an unacceptable risk to their safety or well-being. We not only work to eliminate instances of child abuse and child exploitation but we also seek to actively protect children who are in involved with our projects.

Tetra Tech staff often operate in environments where there are many vulnerable people. From people experiencing poverty, unemployment to those isolated and lacking access to services. We also acknowledge children with disabilities and children living in areas impacted by natural disasters, post conflict and violence are particularly vulnerable. The nature of our work brings us in close contact with communities and individuals who could be preyed upon by those wishing exploit unequal power relationships. The human tragedy behind child abuse and exploitation, including child sex offences cannot be understated. As such, it is a fundamental moral imperative of all Coffey staff, contractors and downstream partners to be diligent in their adherence to Tetra Tech International Developemnt’s Child Protection Policy.

In accordance with DFAT’s child protection reporting requirements it is mandatory for all staff and DFAT-funded partners to immediately report any suspected or alleged case of child exploitation, abuse or policy non-compliance immediately.

Tetra Tech International Development has a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards child abuse and exploitation. As such, any complaints or accusations made regarding Child Protection issues are taken very seriously. The complaint/reports process aims to ensure confidentiality and impartiality in dealing with issues of child protection and child safety.

Complaints or reports can be submitted using this form.

Submit a Child Protection Complaint or Report.

Please provide, in the box below, details of your complaint or report, including date/s, location/s and incident details. You can remain anonymous. We do not collect any personal data from this report.

    We commit to taking action within existing and future development activities to ensure that all people, have the opportunity to participate in and benefit equally from development activities.

    We recognise that an integral part of providing effective development solutions is making sure that all people are accepted as equal partners in development and have the opportunity to participate in and benefit equally from development activities. Groups that are marginalised because of their gender, disability, health status, ethnicity, race or age are the most vulnerable to the effects of poverty. Including these groups specifically in development activities is fundamental to eliminating poverty and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

    While gender equality, disability, health, ethnicity, race and age are all important issues in their own right, Tetra Tech International Development recognises the intersections between them. We know that in order to provide integrated solutions to issues of social exclusion we need to address social inclusion as a whole rather than each issue separately and tailor our interventions to context specific issues and challenges.

    Tetra Tech International Development, and its parent company Tetra Tech, takes its responsibility towards mitigating fraud and risk very seriously. We have a zero-tolerance approach to fraud with policies and procedures in place to manage, investigate and report fraud incidents.

    We offer an anonymous reporting tool that can be used to report suspected breaches of our fraud and ethical compliance policies. This is available through an external third party provider.

    Submit a Fraud and Ethical Compliance Complaint or Report