Enshrining a First Nations Voice in the Constitution


Sitting, listening and learning from ancient knowledge, spirit and wisdom.

At Tetra Tech International Development we strive to build a world where people, communities and our planet thrive in balance and harmony.

We support enshrining an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Australian Constitution.

We strongly support the spirit and intent of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and continue to uphold the message of First Nations sovereignty as a spiritual notion. We acknowledge:

  • First Nations people’s deep ancestral ties to their land, and that these ties were never ceded, nor their human, cultural, spiritual and economic rights extinguished; and
  • The continuing impact of colonisation and commit to right the wrongs of our past for the shared benefit of future generations.

As an multinational company we are equally committed to decolonising the way we work and building our corporate and commercial presence, credibility, reputation and trust among all communities. We willingly sit, listen, reflect and learn from First Nations people’s ancient knowledge, spirit and wisdom to inform and guide all that we do on their respective lands and within their environments.

At Tetra Tech we openly embrace, celebrate, respect and harmonise with ancient First Nations sacred knowledge, worldviews and heritage with a story of multicultural, decolonial development that embraces this heritage. This is a challenge that we continue to proactively address in our sector, within our organisation and as individuals. Our work in this regard is part of a profoundly relationist logic. We recognise the interdependence of all phenomena in a thoroughly animated world in which humans are part of nature and rooted in an eco-spiritual knowledge system of First Nations cultures.

Consistent with our values, we remain fully committed to embracing diversity, collaboration and building inclusive relationships imbued with reciprocity and mutuality as we approach the referendum. While there will be different views on the proposed changes to the Australian Constitution, we recognise that everyone will form their own view, and we respect that right. Our role is to support our people to make an informed referendum decision.

Equally, we acknowledge the diversity of First Nations people and respect their individual and collective rights to use their voice to make their own decisions which inform positive and authentic change for their people within their communities.

Our support for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Australian Constitution is underpinned by the need to:

  1. Tell the truth of history beyond fear, denial, guilt or blame.
  2. Show respect for the diversity of First Nations people’s Lore, culture, customs and right to express their own individual voices.
  3. Show a genuine willingness, on the part of governments, and from within our sector, to sit, listen and learn from First Nations people to transcend problems and produce solutions that have lasting impact at the local community level.
  4. Commit to investing in approaches that ensure the authentic empowerment and self-determination of First Nations people at the local community level.

Download our statement for a First Nations Voice in the Constitution.

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