Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund

The Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund supported and improved the contribution of the non-government organisation sector to far-reaching judicial sector reform in Vietnam – from the ground up.


Reforming the justice system in Vietnam is not simply about changing the judicial system and legislation. Sustainable change requires involvement from all judicial sectors: government and institutions, the legal system and judiciary, and finally, civil society and non-government organisations (NGOs). Advocates for judicial reform are now engaged throughout Vietnamese society.

The Justice Partnership Program is a program between the Governments of Vietnam, Denmark and Sweden, and the European Union to support justice sector reform in Vietnam. Each sector is supported by separate program components to create overall reform.


Tetra Tech International Development managed the Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund – part of the partnership program. This provided an extensive grants process to support judicial reform through building the skills and capacity of NGOs and civil society.

Strengthening the capacity of NGOs helps to improve the justice system by increasing awareness of human and legal rights and responsibilities, enhancing widespread understanding of judicial reforms, improving dialogue and information sharing, and increasing access to independent legal advice and aid.

Tetra Tech’s expertise in delivering projects in the security, law and justice area is key in the success of this program, along with our experience in delivering funds-based initiatives and incorporating specialist gender and social inclusion elements into each project.


Through our management, targeted assistance has helped Vietnamese NGOs to engage and strengthen their contribution to justice sector reforms. Funded projects, such as legal education models, legal aid services and research projects, have resulted in:

  • 83,700 disadvantaged, remote and rural Vietnamese provided with legal awareness
  • 15,940 Vietnamese have received direct legal advice and support
  • 78 research and information publications have been developed (with more than 158,000 publications distributed)
  • 220 dialogue events were held at national and local level.

Danish International Development Agency (Danida)




March 2010 – May 2015

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