Vanuatu Australia Education Support Program

Providing a firm foundation for successful learning in primary school and beyond for children and families in Vanuatu through improved education quality, equitable access and a well-managed education system.

  • Access to a good quality basic education continues to be a challenge for many families in Vanuatu.
  • Education provides a firm foundation for children’s successful learning in primary school and further education.
  • For the country, a good basic education is a key to achieving Vanuatu’s vision of a just, educated, healthy and wealthy society.

The Vanuatu Australia Education Support Program is supporting the Government of Vanuatu’s goals of improving education quality, providing more equitable access to education and ensuring a well-managed education system.

The program is currently focused on improving literacy and numeracy outcomes for children in the early years of schooling (kindergarten to year 3).

Funds for the program are being provided by the Australian and New Zealand governments through a joint partnership arrangement with the Government of Vanuatu.

  • Improving learning outcomes for primary children through new curriculum and training teachers so that they have the skills and learning materials to teach well
  • Strengthening Early Childhood and Care Education so that children are ready to start school at the right age and have a better chance to learn successfully
  • Improving facilities so that schools and classrooms are safe, well-equipped and accessible places for children to learn
  • More than 140 million vatu for school grants to all primary schools (8900 vatu per primary student)
  • 500 literacy and 500 numeracy kits will be distributed to more than 400 primary schools to help teach 25,160 year 1-3 children at a value of around 65 million vatu
  • 22 provincial trainers from the six provinces are training 700 primary teachers in practical, school-based training in effective teaching and learning.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)




2013 – 2018


Director – International Education


Head of Operations

For all delivery enquiries please contact:

Victoria Johnson, Director – International Education, [email protected],


Melanie Reddaway, Head of Operations, [email protected]


For more information, visit the Vanuatu Education Support Program website

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