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Announcing our Emergency Alliance partnership to enhance global crisis impact


Trust, experience, and expertise join forces to improve impact in global emergencies.

Tetra Tech International Development (Indo-Pacific) announced on the 22 August 2023, a three-year partnership with the recently formed Emergency Alliance.

The Emergency Alliance represents the formal coming together of New Zealand’s expert relief agencies, who have agreed to collaborate to share knowledge and resources to create efficiencies in their fundraising activities. Through this collaboration, Emergency Alliance can provide more efficient emergency assistance to those who need it most. Launched in March, the platform leverages best practice from similar mechanisms operating in 13 other countries.

With this announcement, Tetra Tech bring over 40 years of global expertise in working alongside governments and vulnerable communities. Leveraging our understanding of achieving impact in these complex environments, we will be able to aid the Emergency Alliance’s efforts to act efficiently and effectively when a crisis occurs.

“We are very excited to be working with Tetra Tech International Development Indo-Pacific Division. Their global network of specialists, including their depth in research, monitoring and evaluation will provide rich insights for Emergency Alliance and its members, and are part of our toolbox when we respond to significant global crises,” said Emergency Alliance Executive Director Paul Brown.

“Through our Rapid Response Network, we are building a tight family of news media and corporate partners who can amplify our call for help, and we appreciate Tetra Tech International Development’s foresight and leadership to commit to this long-term partnership. We appreciate their strength in the Indo-Pacific region, which is a key focus area.” he continued.

Amy Gildea, Managing Director for Tetra Tech International Development Indo-Pacific Division notes that “when disaster strikes, it’s essential to work with trusted, recognised, and well-established organisations, and the Emergency Alliance offers this. “We are proud to support the Emergency Alliance as they handle the increasingly complex emergencies facing our region. Our work highlights that climate change, geopolitics, and other issues are bringing a new wave of emergencies that need to be handled efficiently and effectively. We look forward to working with Emergency Alliance in responding to these challenges and working together to find and build the solutions that are needed the most.”

Amy Gildea

Operating Unit President | Managing Director, Indo Pacific

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