Industry briefing on Master Planning Services for the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva, Fiji

Industry briefing

Master Planning Services for the Colonial War Memorial (CWM) Hospital in Suva, Fiji

The Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), through the Fiji Program Support Facility, is undertaking a modernisation agenda for CWM Hospital that will transform health services over the longer term. This includes clinical and master planning services for the CWM Hospital.

Tetra Tech International Development (Indo-Pacific) is working in collaboration with RPS, A Tetra Tech company to procure the required services.

We recently held an industry briefing on Master Planning Services through the Fiji Program Support Facility. Hosted by RPS, the briefing gave potential tenderers the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the project and the tender requirements, prior to the EOI opening.

For those who may have missed the webinar, or for those who wish to revisit the valuable insights shared, we have made the recording available for viewing at your convenience.

Clarifications following briefing

During the briefing there were a number of questions on the requirement to include local content in proposals. The response to this question has been clarified below.

Although local content will be considered in the Procurement Process, it will not form a specific evaluation criterion in the Expression of Interest (EOI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) phase.

However, the Respondent’s understanding of the local context will form part of the evaluation criteria for both the EOI and RFP phases. Respondents will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and approach to the risks, challenges and solutions in the local Fiji context to deliver a suitable master plan for the CWM Hospital.

It is, therefore, not necessary for potential Respondents to partner with locally based organisations in Fiji to be successful in the procurement process.

Questions on notice

Please find below responses for the questions taken on notice during the Industry Briefing:

  1. With the main CWMH building being over 100 years old, will the master planning be required to respect and preserve specific heritage elements of the building?
    This will need to be considered as part of the engagement. Currently, the main building is heritage listed and will is required to be preserved.
  2. Is there a heritage report prepared for the existing campus?
    No, there is no heritage report.
  3. Who will the client be in the contract? Will it be Fiji or Australia jurisdiction?
    The main client and contracting entity will be Tetra Tech, which will manage performance and milestone payments. The contract will be issued under Australian law.
  4. Does this planning need to tie with the CWM Maternity Hospital planned from 2018/2019?
    The maternity wing has stalled and there are no short- to medium-term plans to revive it. This work will be provided and can be considered for inclusion but may also become superseded by the master planning work.
  5. Preference is for fixed bid teams, however can discreet service providers be included across multiple bids?
    During EOI phases proponents can bid as part of multiple teams. Once respondents are shortlisted to the RFP phase, firms may only be in a single bid.

We look forward to receiving proposals when the EOI opens. Stay up to date with our Tender Opportunities.


Team Leader (Health)

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