Meet Soudsathit Vandixay (Bou): creating positive, inclusive working environments at BEQUAL

Who are you, and what is your role at Tetra Tech International Development?

My name is Soudsathit Vandixay but you can simply call me Bou. I am now 37 years old and an aunt to a lovely niece and nephew. I am passionate about traveling, exploring new places and photographing the nature. I also have a personal travel blog in which I share my travel experiences, itinery, dos and don’ts, food/drinks and useful tips. My blog is in Lao language, it’s called “Go Play Outside ເລາະໄປເລາະມາ”. I also love playing badminton. I play badminton almost everyday after work.

I am located in Vientiane, Laos and my job with Tetra Tech is under the BEQUAL Program (Basic Education Quality and Access in Lao PDR). I am HR Manager, overseeing all HR management and development activities of the program.

Tell us about your career to date.

My career began when I was HR officer, responsible for a recruitment and employment contract in a hydropower generation company in Laos. And at that time, I knew immediately that this is what I wanted to pursue and progress as my career path. Thus, after 4 years of working experience, I decided to continue a Master in HR management, in which I obtained an Australian Award Scholarship to study at Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane. After I graduated, I returned to Laos and worked as HR Manager for one of the largest hydropower generation companies in Laos, where I was responsible for the HR strategy and operations of the organisation and HR projects.

Why did you choose to work with Tetra Tech?

I work with Tetra Tech/BEQUAL because BEQUAL’s aim is to develop and improve a primary education in my country, Laos. I am really excited and very proud when I tell my family, friends and surroundings about my workplace, BEQUAL. This is such a meaningful and significant mission. Although my job doesn’t directly involve the development of primary education, as HR Manager, I facilitate and help BEQUAL technical staff. To me, it is an indirect contribution to the development of a primary education in Laos.

What do you love about working with Tetra Tech?

I like working at Tetra Tech/BEQUAL because of the Gender, Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) policy that is embedded into the Tetra Tech/BEQUAL culture. We go back to the GEDSI principles for every decision that we make. Regardless of gender, race, social status, age, we respect everyone and treat everyone equitably. This held true in my personal experience. I am a cancer survivor and when I applied for a job with BEQUAL, during the interview, I could feel that there was no discrimination against my health condition, it was purely based on my HR technical skills and knowledge.

In your current role, how do you create a positive impact?

As HR Manager, I create a positive impact by embedding and upholding the GEDSI principals in every aspect of HR. In doing so, I create a safe place for our BEQUAL team members to turn up to work and be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Soudsathit Vandixay (Bou)

Human Resources Manager, Basic Education Quality and Access in Lao PDR (BEQUAL)

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