Meet Tatiana Pavlic: creating positive impact with an international development internship

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International Development as a double degree at the University of Adelaide. I’ve always had an interest in international issues and am passionate about helping people. Not everyone has the resources or means to help better their situations.

Ideally, I would love to be able to work in the development sector and contribute to the international, or even local, community whereby my work makes a positive impact on others’ lives.

Why did you apply for a Tetra Tech International Development internship?

I wanted to be part of, and learn from, a company that has such a positive international influence in the development sector. I knew of some of the work that Tetra Tech was part of and wanted to learn more about the impact they have on peoples’ lives, the projects they run, and how the work they do in the Adelaide office contributes to these overall goals. I wanted to expand my knowledge and understanding of international development and felt that exposure through an internship would be a great starting point.

What were some of the highlights of this internship?

Getting to know all the people in the office was one of the highlights. From these interactions, I learned so much, not only about the company and the work everyone does, but about international development, career opportunities and advice, and the world. Another highlight of the internship was getting to be a part of the recruitment process for some new staff. This allowed me to learn more about the requirements for some of the positions in the company.

What did you learn from undertaking this internship?

I learned so much from all the people in the office. They offered so much information and advice in relation to the work they do. I now understand how the work of departments and sectors are essential in coming together to contribute to a collective objective of accomplishing positive change. I spent a significant amount of time contributing towards human resource objectives and learned about the recruitment process. I was exposed to the beginnings of the Regional Development for Trade Initiative, and it was fascinating to see how the process of implementation unfolds.


Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of International Development Student at University of Adelaide 

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