We facilitate scholarships and education programs throughout the Asia Pacific.

In many places, achieving quality education for everyone can be a significant challenge. Girls, children with disabilities, and other marginalised groups are not always supported to stay in school. Education system efficacy is also often constrained by limited resources and a lack of accurate data to aid decision making. Improving education systems empowers communities – creating lasting social and economic change.

Improving education outcomes requires engaged leaders to equip skilled teachers with the right resources to deliver tailored education programs. At Tetra Tech, we work to strengthen capacity within local education systems to help build future generations of well-educated citizens. Our team of education professionals work in partnership with clients, local governments, NGOs, industry, and learning communities to collaboratively develop evidence-led and learner-centred programs and initiatives that drive strong and inclusive education outcomes.

Over the last 20 years, Tetra Tech has delivered 37 education programs across 21 countries in the Indo-Pacific region. Our contextually and culturally relevant approaches are centred around our Education Framework which incorporates curriculum design and reform; professional development of educators and school leaders; capacity strengthening across Ministries of Education and government systems; development of school resources and infrastructure; and delivery of targeted education programs. Together, our research, design and delivery teams work across these areas to provide a continuum of services that improve access to and quality of education, particularly for marginalised cohorts.


Director, Education

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