First Nations Consulting

Indigenous Community Development in Australia and the Asia Pacific

Tetra Tech International Development’s vision is to have strong and long-lasting relationships with Australian Indigenous communities that, over time, change the way we work, the insights we bring, the communities we partner with and projects we work on together.

We are a purpose-driven organisation, committed to shaping a world where people, communities and the planet can thrive. We also value the unique knowledges, skills and experiences that our developing communities bring to the relationships that we have formed and will form into the future.

Tetra Tech designs, delivers, evaluates and transforms programs for Commonwealth, State and Territory and local governments, NGOs, universities, foundations and private businesses in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Tetra Tech draws on a broad network of Indigenous leaders and advisors with deep experience working collaboratively with communities across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia. Together we bring Indigenous approaches to the domestic and international development context while encourage the sharing of learnings across Indigenous cultures and social policy.

Learn more about Tetra Tech’s First Nations consulting work around the world.


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